Few of Achievements by our student pilots and Student on their way to AAI:

Aero Academy International; is proud of our student and their success in their goal to achieve their wings.

Mr. Percy Eric Agudey – Commercial Student / Multi Engine and CFI Rating Student

Mr. Sayed Khalil Hussaini – Private Pilot Student – Soon to Join

Mr. Zachary M. Walker – PPL Student, Completed First Solo and Solo Cross Country

Mr. Young H. Kim – Private Pilot Student , with his own Bonanza G36 G1000

Dr. Barton A. Chase – Completed Multi Engine Review / Complex / High performance

Dr. Timothy Hutchison – Multi Engine BARON B55 – By Annual Review Completed

Mr. Rahul Arora – CPL/Multi/IFR – Presently First Officer with Air India

Mr. Sandeep Bajaj – CPL/ATPL/Multi/IFR – Presently Captain with Spice Jet Airlines

Mr. Himanshu Honey – CPL/Multi/IFR – Presently First Officer with Singapore Airlines

Mr. Gul Oberio – CPL/Multi/ IFR – Presently First Officer with Kingfisher Airlines

Mr. Vivian Chang – CPL/Multi/IFR – Presently with Chine Post Airlines

Mr. Jea Hun Lee – PPL/ CPL – Present Student

Mr. Todd Walch – PPL – Present under IFR Training

Mr. Alex Luy – PPL – Present Under IFR Training

Ms. Ritu Chaturvedi – CPL/Multi/IFR/IATA Aviation Audit Course Certified/Flight Instructor

Ms. Lina Vyas – SPL/PPL – Present Student

Mr. Bharat Vyas – SPL/PPL/CPL – Present Student

Mr. Vinish George – SPL/PPL/CPL – Present Student

Mr. Juna Carillos – PPL/IR – Present Student

Come, Make Aero Academy International, part of your Success!