Member Application

Aero Academy International LLC; has four membership levels ranging from “Student” to “Medium Corporation”. Membership fees are due annually on February 01st. Your membership can be paid by cheque or credit card. Aero Club Membership will invoice companies upon request. Applications can be submitted on-line, by fax or mail.

To complete your membership application, click on the appropriate level and follow the page instructions.

1) Student Member – $216.00 / YR
Subscription period: 1 year
Student Members must be enrolled in a certified aviation-training program at a local flight training school, high school, college or university.

2) Individual Membership – $328.00 / YR
Subscription period: 1 year
Individual membership is open to everyone who is interested in Aero Aviators Club.

3) Small Corporate Membership – $535.00 / YR
Bundle (up to 3 members)
Subscription period: 1 year
This membership level is open to all companies.

4) Medium Corporate Membership (More then 31 employees)- $680.00 / YR
Bundle (up to 5 members)
Subscription period: 1 year
This level of membership is open to all companies