Fractional Ownership of Aircraft

Aero Academy Int’l Fractional Ownership Program

Aero Academy Int’l fractional ownership for small airplanes! Take an airplane and split its purchase price among several owners, who then pay an additional fee to have Aero Academy Int’l take care of the scheduling, maintenance and Grooming. When they want it, the owners just book the airplane; and if the aircraft is in for maintenance, then with the backing of Aero Academy Int’l fleet of aircraft, they have a choice of getting themselves into another aircraft for a very small fee.
In addition to the “owned” plane, customers gain access to other planes in the fleet of Aero Academy Int’l. When desired, they may switch to larger or smaller planes on a set “interchange” formula. Access to a smaller plane is typically guaranteed, but larger plane guarantees may be conditional on the size of one’s share—typically 1/8 or greater. There may also be limits to the percentage of an owner’s total annual hours that can be flown with exchanged hours.
All shares are priced pro-rata and the size of a share may dictate which additional benefits and rights the owner enjoys. Below is a list of possible benefits of larger shares.
– Guaranteed Access to the Aircraft
– Shorter flight booking notice
– No charge aircraft service (Grooming, Ready to Go on Ramp &Etc)
– Time saving before and after the flight.
– Discounted flight charge per flight.
– Access to other aircraft in the fleet for small extra fee.

How Do I Get Fractional Ownership of Aircraft:

Aero Academy Int’l provides Fractional Ownership on the Cessna C172R, Cessna C172, Cessna C172RG, SOCATA TB-9 or High Performance / Complex Aircraft. The cost of the Fractional Ownership shall depend on the amount of shares the individual would be interested in purchasing in relationship to the total value of the aircraft as equipped. The Fractional Ownership can be purchased any where from $18,900 for .25% of shares on a C172 to $35,000 for .25% of shares on a C172R 1999 Model, just as an example (or) you can get into very specialized Fractional program for just small payment of $5,500 and small monthly payment.

Once the individual becomes the owner of the aircraft under the Fractional Ownership program, the cost of per hour flight is reduced to cover the cost of the aircraft, fuel, maintenance, refurbishment, engine & Prop reserve. So in simpler words if you would be paying $150 per hour for a C172R rental without the fractional ownership program, now as the owner of the aircraft you will be invoiced $85 per hour for use of the aircraft.

The cost of the Aircraft Parking, Unforeseen Maintenance Issues, Management and Scheduling & Year End Annual will be charged to the Fractional Owner through an Monthly fixed billing system at the rate of $300 – $750 per month, depending on the Type of Fractional Ownership.

Aero Academy Int’l program provides the Fractional Owners with the peace of mind, Hassel free aircraft ownership, Maintenance Tracking, Scheduling, Grooming, Aircraft movements and others for a very small monthly charge.

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