Recreational Pilot License

The Sports Pilot License will provide you the freedom of flying your small aircraft in the shortest of the time period. The training required can be completed within 2 weeks and you can be on your way to flying on your own or with your partner.

The Recreational or Sports Pilot Permit allows a pilot to fly any aircraft no larger than designed for 4 passengers with authorization to carry only 1 passenger on board. As a Sports Pilot you will be restricted to day flying only. If you plan to fly at night, you will have to upgrade your pilot license to Private Pilot License and then add the Night Rating.

To obtain your Sports License, you will need to complete a written exam and a practical flight test. The applicant must have completed a minimum of 25 hours of flight time including 5 hours of solo flight.

Student must have the following:
• FAA Approved Class 3 or 2 or Higher Aviation Medical

Sports Pilot License:
• 25 hours Single engine DUAL
• 05 hours Solo
• 20 Hours Briefing
• All Material, Books, Work Sheets, Maps & Pilots Bag

Sports Pilot C152/150 25 HRS DUAL
Ground Briefing Instructor 20 Hours Briefing
Cessna C152/150 05 HRS SOLO
Total 30 HRS Flight Time

Total Course fee CDN Dollars: $5,700.00

“Experience the thrill of being a Pilot”