Professional Pilot Training Program (FAA FAR 61 flight school)

This is a good time to start your pilot training as the airlines are starting to hire those who are qualified. Pilots who are training now, or are starting their training will be the eligible for the hiring process of Airline Pilot.
Pilots at all levels will be needed. Aero Academy International; Professional Pilot Program has been designed to give you the training and knowledge needed for a career in professional aviation sector.

The following information outlines admission requirements, curriculum and the cost of training:

The Professional Pilot Program is a 48 week course for the full time student covering the Professional Pilot Training with Multi Engine and Instrument Rating. It is designed for the student with no experience, however this program can accommodate those who already have licenses also.
The student must attend classes a minimum of 5 days per week. Ground school will be 20 hours per week. Attendance on weekends and evenings may be required depending on weather and other considerations such as night flying.Classes for full time students start at various times throughout the year.

Admission Requirements
Applicants for the Professional Pilot Program must be at least 18 years of age, (or turn eighteen within six months of starting the program) and have a Grade 12 diploma or equivalent, or have mature student status.Prior to acceptance, applicants will be interviewed and must be able to successfully complete an English and Mathematics skill test. Other aptitude tests may also be required.
Each applicant must obtain a Class1 Aviation Medical. Training will not commence until the student has received the Medical Certificate from FAA Certified Medical Center. You will be considered if you have a SECOND CLASS medical and have applied for a FIRST CLASS medical.reserves the right to accept or decline any application for training.

To enrol and start your professional pilot training, please complete the online application form. Include a short note outlining why you want to become a pilot, and your career goals. Please include a copy of your secondary school diploma, or college degree, including transcripts. Include a copy of your passport, visa, birth certificate, immigration card(if applicable).For mature students who do not have a diploma or a degree, a transcript of the last year attended school must be submitted or provide a letter of explanation in such case.

Applicants for this program will not be considered unless confirmation of financial means is available to pay for the program. Please contact school office for course cost details.

Upon graduation from the Professional Pilot Program, you will receive a diploma showing successful completion of the program. An HONOURS diploma will be awarded to the students who achieve an 85% average in all written and flight tests. A letter of reference from Aero Academy International; will be provided to each student upon request as a valuable addition to their resume for future airline employment.

Aero Academy International; cannot guarantee employment after graduation. However we will be pleased to give you assistance regarding employment, but can gives first consideration to the graduates of our Professional Pilot Program when hiring additional staff. All graduates from the Professional Pilot Program are eligible for selection process of the Airline Recruiting for First Officer Position on any type of aircraft that an airline operates through internal training.

Career Seminars
Seminars conducted on Pilot Decision Making, Flight Safety, Cockpit Resource Management, Crew Coordination, Icing Condition, CFIT are available through special certification process from Aero Academy International; also.

Professional Pilot Training Program (Complete Course)
FAA Part 61 Pilot License: 255 Hours
• Student Pilot License-(SPL)
• PPL Ground School Theory Training-Ground School.
• Private Pilot License-(PPL)
• Advance Ground School Theory Training-Ground School.
• Advanced Pilot License ; Hour Building Program.
• Diploma Certification flight training.
• 25 hours multi engine time-Included Sim time.
• IFR Flight Training (After PPL, Single Engine)
• Multi Engine & IFR Ground School.
• Start Up Kit – Material, Books, Work Sheets, Maps; Pilots Bag.
• 255 hours flight training experience.
• Aircraft Cessna C-152, C-150, C-172, Multi PIPER AZTEC/SENECA.
• Internal (In-House) Flight Test and Written Exam.
• 200 + hours of ground school.

Total Course fee + Accommodation US$ Dollars: $47,800.00
All Government Taxes Included

Hidden Cost:
– Application &; Administration Fee $1500.00 US$
– Student Visa Fee $350.00 (or) (To Be Paid to USA Consulate)
– Pilot Uniform (White Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoe, Black Tie) $250-If Student does not have it.
– Pilot Head Set-David Clark $385.00 (or) Rent for $4.50 per flight/hr.
– All Accommodation (6 Months) is quoted as shared with other one student in the same bedroom.

* Times may vary per pilot’s ability. Quoted is the minimum required per regulation.
* Prices Subject to change without notice.
* All Students are to read and sign all company policies, rules and regulations before starting flight training.