Night Rating

Aero Academy Int’l, can get you trained to fly at Night and build your experience and safety level through Night Rating.

Once you have achieved your wings through Private Pilot License, you can spread your wings and qualify yourself for flying at night time, with safety and confidence by getting your Night Rating. At Aero Academy International, we can ensure the Night Rating is provided as per your schedule and can be completed within 4 days.

 Student must have the following:
  • FAA Approved Class 3 or Higher Aviation Medical
  • Private Pilot License or higher

Night Rating:

  • 10 hours Single engine Dual (Includes Instrument Time)
  • 05 hours Solo
  • 05 Hours Briefing
  • All Material, Books, Work Sheets, Maps
Night Rating C152/150 10 HRS DUAL  
Ground Briefing Instructor 05 Hours Briefing  
Cessna C152/150 05 HRS SOLO  
Total     15 HRS Flight Time

Total Course fee US Dollars:                  $2,400.00

All Government Taxes Included.

Hidden Cost:

  • Application & Administration Fee $200.00 US$
  • Pilot Head Set – David Clark $385.00 (or) Rent for $3.50 per flight/hr.

* Times may vary per pilot’s ability. Quoted is the minimum required per regulation.

* Prices Subject to change without notice.

* All Students are to read and sign all company policies, rules and regulations before starting flight training.