MEI Rating (Multi Engine Instructor): CFII

At Aero Academy International; the development of the MEI Training Program was accomplished and developed by airline pilots and executive charter pilots who have the experience through many years of flying.
The MEI (Multi-Engine Instructor) rating is required to teach multi-engine to student pilot. The MEI course will provide you with the experience and confidence to fly the Multi Engine Aircraft from right seat and teach a student all aspects of safety, manuverous, emergency recognition and action and more.
There is no FAA knowledge exam or written exam required for an MEI add on flight instructor rating (CFI).


  • A valid FAA Commercial Pilot certificate and a CFI Rating.
  • A minimum of class I medical certificate.
  • A valid Multi Engine Rating.

Course Structure:

At Aero Academy International the MEI Ground School Training will provide you with an teaching experience in execution of maneuvers, lesson plans, weight and balance, landing gear system, emergencies, systems, aerodynamics and practice teaching and development of lesson plan.
The MEI Course flight training will take you into the advance stage of being a Multi Engine pilot, Identifying and verification of student pilot short falls, gaining confidence in handling the aircraft closer to the ground with split second decision and limitation of the aircrafts.

Course Tuition Fee:

MEI Course (Multi Engine Instructor): CFII

Student must have the following:

  • FAA Valid CPL License + Multi Engine Rating
  • CFI Rating & Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate

MEI Course:

  • 08 hours MEI Single engine DUEL
  • 25 hours of Ground School
  • 15 hours Multi Engine PIC Time (Not Required if you have it)
  • 03 hours MEI Flight Simulator Training
MEI Course Grd School 25 HRS Ground School    
MEI Course Multi Engine 15 HRS PIC Time (Not Required if you have it)  
MEI Course Multi Engine 08 HRS DUAL 03 HRS SIM

Total Course fee US Dollars: $5,900.00

Hidden Cost:

  • Application & Administration Fee $500.00 US$
  • International Student Visa Fee $350.00 (or) (To Be Paid to USA Consulate)
  • Pilot Uniform (White Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoe, Black Tie) $250 – If Student does not have it.
  • Pilot Head Set – David Clark $385.00 (or) Rent for $3.50 per flight/hr.

Flight Test Fee to be paid by the Student.

  • Times may vary per pilot’s ability. Quoted is the minimum required per regulation.
  • Prices Subject to change without notice.
  • All Students are to read and sign all company policies, rules and regulations before starting flight training.
  • All International Student need to complete the TSA Background Check and Finger Print Process.