IFR Renewal(Refresher) Course

“I hadn’t flown for six months, and I realized I was about to lose my currency. So I called Aero Academy Int’l and request for booking a flight with CFI to shot six approaches at the KMKL airport. I got it all done in less then three hours, and now I’m legal again”

Scary, Ya!

And yet this guy above thinks he’s an instrument pilot. But would you fly with him? Would you let your wife and kids fly with him?

Cause you need to realize there’s a difference between “Currency” and Proficiency”!

The Basis reason and importance for the course is to maintain the IFR Recurrence and higher level of safety.

At Aero Academy International, the IFR Refresher or IFR Renewal course ensures that IFR pilots are ready with higher Instrument Flying Skills and Knowledge. The course will take you through 2 days of Ground School, Safety Video’s, Human Factor, Simulator Training and (or) Inflight Training.

Aero Academy International provides the IFR renewal or IFR refresher course for pilots who value carrying of higher level of flying skills for aviation and public safety. The course is designed to give you all required education in the art of Instrument flying and planning with reference to regulation. We recommend all IFR pilots to take the refresher course every 12 months.

IFR Refresher / Renewal:

Student must have the following:

  • FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Private Pilot License with IFR Rating

IFR Single Engine License:

  • 05 hours IFR Single engine Dual
  • IFR Refresher Ground School
  • 05 hours IFR Flight Simulator Training (As Available)
  • All Material, Books, Work Sheets, Maps
IFR Rating C172 05 HRS DUAL 05 HRS SIM

Total Course fee US Dollars: $1,150.00

All Government Taxes Extra

  • Times may vary per pilot’s ability. Quoted is the minimum required per regulation.
  • Prices Subject to change without notice.
  • All International Students will require TSA Clearance.
  • All Students are to read and sign all company policies, rules and regulations before starting flight training.