CFII Course (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument)

Aero Academy International LLC; has designed the course for a Commercial Pilot License holder who has completed and obtained their CFI Rating and as an add-on to their CFI Rating and a step forward is to start and complete the Certified Flight InstructorInstrument (CFII) Certificate. CFII or Certified Flight Instructor Instrument allows one to teach instrument rating applicants; both on ground (aeronautical knowledge) and flight training. Any pilot, who has completed his or her CPL & CFI training and holds the CPL + CFI license can enroll into the CFII course and expand their career horizons as a professional pilot.

With the completion of the CFII course you will build your experience, knowledge, Instrument time, skill and flight time, while getting paid for it. The Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) certificate is required by a pilot to teach any other student applicants, conduct flight reviews, proficiency for IFR Rating.


  • A current FAA Commercial Pilot certificate + IFR Rating with Airplane Category (ASEL or AMEL)
  • A Valid CFI Rating
  • A minimum of class I medical certificate
  • Complete all FAA requirements to enroll into the CFII Course

CFI Course Outline:

Now that you have decided to start the CFII course, you will have to prepare your mind, attitude and thinking towards “How To Teach Instrument Flying & Ground Lessons” verses “How To Learn”. You are required to learn the skills of teaching Instruments, approaches, IFR emergency, IFR Planning and Procedures. The CFII initial course is a very detailed, thorough and extensive course, and requires a lot of hard work with great deal of IFR Knowledge and dedication on the part of the student.

Aero Academy International LLC; has structured the course in the manner to provide you with maximum hands on training and exposure to the real world IFR Flying. The course can be completed in 10 – 15 days provided you can work hard and dedicate yourself to learning the art of IFR Teaching.

The CFII Ground School will include all the subject like instrument scan, instrument navigation, traditional and modern GPS based equipment and various instrument approaches like NDB, VOR, ILS, DME ARC, GPS, instrument emergency procedures and unusual attitude entry and recovery procedures.. You will spend any where from 4 – 5 hours Monday – Friday in the flight school and then another 4 – 5 hours of home work and study. By the time you will be ready for your FAA check ride you will have gained all the knowledge and confidence necessary to qualify as a Instrument flight instructor and teach others how to learn &fly IFR safely.

The CFII course will provide you with flight experience and authority to teach your students all related topics for IFR Certification or Rating. The Flight portion of this course will allow you to learn how to teach instrument students in an airplane. You will complete a minimum of one instrument approach while under the hood while logging a lot of instrument time during your CFII training. It will teach you how to prepare for any IFR Lesson, Planning and supervising the student learning to become IFR Certified.

Course Tuition Fee:

CFII Course (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument):

Student must have the following:

  • FAA Valid CPL License + IFR Rating, Single or Multi Engine Land
  • CFI Rating &Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate

CFII Course:

  • 10 hours CFII Single engine DUAL
  • 25 hours of Ground School
  • 03 hours CFI Flight Simulator Training
  • All Material, Books, Work Sheets, Maps
CFi Course Grd School 25 HRS Ground School  
CFI Course – C152/C150 – 10 HRS DUAL 03 HRS SIM

Total Course fee US Dollars: $2,800.00

Hidden Cost:

  • Application & Administration Fee $500.00 US$
  • International Student Visa Fee $350.00 (or) (To Be Paid to USA Consulate)
  • Pilot Uniform (White Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoe, Black Tie) $250 – If Student does not have it.
  • Pilot Head Set – David Clark $385.00 (or) Rent for $3.50 per flight/hr.
  • Written Exam and Flight Test Fee to be paid by the Student.
  • * Times may vary per pilot’s ability. Quoted is the minimum required per regulation.
  • * Prices Subject to change without notice.
  • * All Students are to read and sign all company policies, rules and regulations before starting flight training.
  • * All International Student need to complete the TSA Background Check and Finger Print Process.

“CFII Will Provide You With Unmatched Opportunity For Job Market”