Airline Job Preparation Training: (Optional Courses Available)

Aero Academy International; provides this very specially developed training course for our esteem students, who have completed their Professional Training Program and getting ready to apply for their job with Airlines.

This Airline Job Preparation Training will provide you with complete knowledge of operations and skill required by today’s fast paced airlines. These are all Certified course for which student will be provide with Certificate.

  •  Multi Crew Coordination Certificate and Human Factors Certificate – Ground Training
  •  Airline Transport Pilot License Certificate – Ground School Only, Certificate
  •  Aviation English Language Certificate – Level 4 ICAO Level, Oral Exam, Certificate
  •  Standard Operating Procedure Training (SOP) – Manual , Exam, Certificate
  •  Crew Resource Management – Manual, Exam, Certificate
  •  Operations Manual – Company Procedures and Policy’s – Ground School, Exam, Certificate
  •  Maintenance Control Manual + Maintenance Policy Manual – Ground School, Exam, Certificate
  •  Control Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) – Ground School, Exam, Certificate
  •  Icing Condition – Ground School, Exam, Certificate
  •  Aerobatic Flight Training – Flight Training, Ground Briefing
  •  Multi Crew Coordination Certificate and Human Factors Certificate

The course will provide the student pilot with importance of 2 crew coordination and develop their understanding and skill level towards the importance of using checklist and emphasis on aviation safety. The Student will gain vast knowledge in the field of effect of various flying conditions on human mind and body. The Student will learn to make very calculated and better decision in regards to aviation in whole.

This course will require a minimum of CPL & Multi Engine Rating and will complete in 25 days.

 Airline Transport Pilot License Certificate – Frozen

This license will require a minimum of CPL, Multi Engine IFR Rating.

The Ground school for the frozen ATPL will be completed in 2 months for full time student pilots, following a FAA written exam (Optional Course).

 Aviation English Certificate – ICAO Level 4 minimum

This short training class of 3 days of 3 hours each will be conducted for all student pilots who have successfully passed their Private Pilot written exam. After the succession of the class the student will be eligible for ICAO Level Engine Proficiency Oral Exam, conducted by Examiner certified.

 English Language Course

Aero Academy Int’l; has provided the option to Student Pilots concerned with the weak English language command and having difficulties in speaking or writing the English language. The Optional course will be provide 85 hours of English language training and on part time basis only, can be completed within 3 months period.

 Standard Operating Procedure Training (SOP)

As the Standard Operating Procedure, is the most essential part of crew coordination, Aero Academy Int’l; has opted to provide this SOP training to student pilots to build the skill level and getting them ready for the Airline job.

“Aero Academy International – Will assist all successful student for recommendation to Airline Interview”