Aircraft Rental


At Aero Academy Int’l, you can rest assure that your Aircraft Rental needs will be met with most professional and courteous manner. Whether for business, pleasure or getting yourself few thousand feet in the air on a weekend with your family and friends, Aero Academy Int’lhas the perfect aircraft for you to rent.

All Aero Academy Int’l aircrafts are well cared for and groomed to be ready and presentable to our rental cliental. Certified Aircraft Maintenance Organization maintains all Aero Academy Int’l aircrafts to the highest standards of Federal Air Regulation and Manufactures Inspection requirements.

Prior to renting of the aircraft, a pilot must undergo a proficiency check to prove his/her abilities in handling the aircraft safely and competently. All rental pilots are required to comply with both the FAA and as well as the Aero Academy Int’lRules & Regulation as per the company policy statement that would be Signed by all rental pilots.

All Rental Pilots should maintain their currency through Completion of a minimum of 1 hour every 30 days.

Booking Aircraft:

Aero Academy Int’lRental Pilots will be assigned a user name and password for access to the Company website and online booking system. Our cliental can book flights from home at their leisure 24-hours a day 7-days a week. Call our dispatch and request for booking to be confirmed over the phone with short notice for rental flights.

Up-Grade Training & Re-Certification:

Aero Academy International, can meet all your needs for aircraft or ground class training to ensure you are current and upto standards to ensure yearly or by-annual re-certification is completed and signed off. Call us for any question that you may have to discuss, we are always just a phone call away from you.