M1 F1 Visa


Aero Academy International; will provide you with all required assistance and help to ensure you have hassle free Visa Application process and have great success is pursuing your dream of becoming a pilot and getting your education in USA.

International Students have Choice of VISA

As you prepare for your travel to United States of America for your education, you will need to decide on the type of visa you will require for the completion of your professional flight training in USA. Your will option of 2 types of student visa called, M-1 and F-1 visa, both are student visa category.

Please note your tourist visa will not allow you to take up flight training in USA.

What is the M-1 Visa

The M-1 visa will provide you the benefit as a student to start and complete your entire professional pilot training only and is valid for 12 months. This M-1 visa can be further extended for another 12 months if you flight training gets delayed due to unforeseen reasons.

Your professional pilot training course will normally take 8 – 12 months and provide you with the PPL, CPL, IFR and Multi Engine Rating.

What is the F-1 Visa

Just like M-1 visa, the F-1 Visawill also provide you the benefit of starting and completing your professional pilot training and further benefit of a career as a hired paid Flight Instructor with your own Aero Academy InternationalLLC.

This will provide you the benefit, to log the required time building while flying as a flight instructor under the F-1 visa.

Start your Admission Process:

Please contact Aero Academy International administration staff for starting your visa process and getting you ready for your travel towards becoming the professional pilot.

Student Visa Application Process: (Students for CANADA)

Once Aero Academy, has received all of your Passport Copy and Past Education Certificate Copy, as well as the Aero Academy – Online Application Form, you will be contacted within 48 hours with a response.

For Students who have met all the admission criteria of Aero Academy you will be provided with a Letter of Acceptance 2 pages and official Receipt of Tuition Fee Payment. Your next step will be to immediately contact Canadian Consulate offices near to your residence location in your respective country or the country of your origin with a copy of you Acceptance Letter & start your Visa Application Process.

Upon receiving your information and Letter of Acceptance, our office will assist you in completing your Student Visa Application and guide you to a certified professional visa agent or lawyer. You will receive weekly updates from Aero Academy keeping you up-to-date on the status of your application process, through the visa agent or lawyer.

“Come and Train with Phoenix Aviation and let us provide you with a training program specially designed to fit your needs. Please complete the application form and forward it to us today”

Documents Needed to Start your Admission Process:

In order to help expedite your application process, please provide us with the following information, you may either e-mail, fax or send a copy via regular mail.

  1.  Completed Online Aero Academy Application Form for International Students available on our web site and submit.
  2. Proof of Payment (Online Secured Bank) for admission process: US$1,500.
  3. Please forward 1 copies of your passport size pictures (2t’x2t’) showing your full face.
  4. Also forward a copy of your current passport (front 2 pages and last page). Your School and Collage Certificate, Special Education Certificate (if available), Voluntary Work (if Available).
  5. Provide certified documentary proof that you can write, speak, read and have a good command of the English language. You can visit or call our office for details on valid document that are acceptable.
  6. You will need to provide a letter from your bank manager showing the availability of funds to cover your educational, transportation, and living expenses.
  7. Provide the Police Clearance Certificate stamped by your local or authorized police station Chief Inspector as well as a copy of your Birth Certificate.
  8. Provide a letter from your parents stating: (A).   their financial support, (B).   their permission allowing you to travel abroad, and (C).   an acceptance of responsibility for your personal conduct while in Canada


Please follow this link: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/student.asp

 A typical procedure is suggested below to assist you in your proceedings. Take the time to read it carefully; it will give you a good idea of the steps you will have to take in order to study in Canada.