Aero Academy International; has earned a worldwide reputation within the aviation industry for preparing highly skilled and knowledgeable individualpilots for work within the aviation industry. Aspects of our program that have helped to contribute to the success of our student’s include & FAQ are:

1) We offer our students:
• 2 runways with 24-hour access.
• Only Airport  where it take less than 5 minutes to get to the designated practice areas, unlike other airports from where it takes more than 25 minutes            to get to and from the airport. This not only saves you time but ensures that the majority of your flying time is educational.
• Our Airport has it all – ILS, NDB, GPS, VOR, and RNAV Approaches.
• Aero Academy has over 12,000 sq. ft. of hangar space and over
• 4,000 sq. ft. of Classrooms, Simulator Rooms & Office’s located right at the our Airport with direct access to the ramp.
2) Aero Academy International follows a Transport Canada flight training program 
3) Aero Academy International will provide you with 300+ Hours of Ground School Training in all of the required subject areas and more.
4) The Radio TelephoneOperators license will be directly converted to your country’s RT.
5) Aero Academy International is the only flight school that provides transportation to and from the Airport and your Aero Academy provided Apartment Residence.
6) Aero Academy International provides all students with an optional Survival Training Course and Airline Job ready Course.
7) Special Seminars, First Aid, Airport Operations, Airport Security and Counter Terrorism are provided.
8) TC Safety Seminars are also held at the KMKL airport.
9) Special discounted rates for furnished apartments and hotels.
10) Special discounted food packages for Indian, Chinese, Japanese, African, Middle East & More.
11) We take special care to introduce you to all of the students who you will be working with over the course of your session. You and your family will be given many opportunities to meet and make friends and even choose your roommates if you so desire.
12) Aero Academy International has its own office in Africa, China, India, Middle East, Nepal and Bangladesh.
13) Aero Academy will provide you with assistance in obtaining Student Visas as well as with finding Pilot Job’s after successful completion of the course.
14) Complete and unconditional assistance is also provided to help convert your Pilot Commercial Pilot License to your respective country’s Pilot License upon your return home.
15) All international students arrive at Toronto Person International Airport in Ontario, Canada, where you will be picked up by Aero Academy Int’l and brought to your pre-arranged apartment accommodation.
16) Upon your arrival you will be provided with your educational package, Checklist of regulatory requirements to be completed and flight school kit bag, Flight School and Airport Tour & Information package for Local  market’s and mall’s.
17) Total cost of your Professional Training Program per the Transport Canada requirements will be $39,700 – providing you with 300 hours of Grd School, 215 hours of Flight Hours and much more.
18) The cost of the accommodation for a period of your course will be $495 per month, furnished shared apartment.
19) Your approximate weekly food cost will be about $185 per week or $75 if the food is cooked at home while shared with other students.

Aero Academy Int’l, your home away from home!