Application Process for international Students

Your Enrollment with Aero Academy International: CANADA

Aero Academy International; is your  Transport Canada Certified – flight school. Your decision and that of your family has been finalized and you have decided to enroll into the Professional Pilot Program and the enrollment process is detailed here step by step, which shall not take you more then 20 minutes.

Please ensure that all listed and required documents are submitted to Aero Academy International. Please follow the simple steps here to enroll yourself into the Professional Pilot Training.

  • Please complete the On-Line Enrollment Application & Submit.
  • Scan your Valid Passport and forward it to Aero Academy Intl.
  • Provide a Letter of Recommendation from any person known to you who is not your family member.
  • Provide your TOFEL result as proof of English Proficiency.
  • Use the On-Line PayPal System to pay the Admission fee in the amount of $875.

Once you have completed the above documentation process and submitted the application, Aero Academy International; administration staff will contact you within 48 hours.While your admission process is ongoing, we would like to encourage you to follow the following steps to utilize the time in your hand.

  • Create your Login Membership at Aero Academy Intl web site. Once logged in, you can access various provided study material for your head start.
  • You will need to obtain Aviation Class 1 or Class 2 Medical Certificate, please visit or (Canada) to find an approved doctor in your area or country.
  • Contact your local health insurance company and ask for One Year International Health Coverage with specific limits and coverage.

Contact your Bank Manager and request for Bank Statement, that will provide proof of coverage in the amount of Tuition Fee for the course, Accommodation and living expenses for duration of the course.

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