World Needs Pilots

Shortage of Pilot:

Starting year 2014 – 2015 the world will need more pilots then the world market is able to produce now. While the economical conditions world wide are making other industries to cut back and plan their survival business move, the world airline industry is thriving and expanding due to increase in air traveland now experiencing a pilot shortage that will create an ongoing tremendous employment opportunities for our new student pilots over the next several years, where the market will hire qualified pilots.

Why Does The World Need Pilots?

Many international

countries like China, Vietnam, India, Africa & Gulf Country’s and others are already experiencing shortage of pilots and also worldwide airlines are expecting to retire thousands of pilots and the number will double to 50,000 and more in next 10 – 15 years.


The Boeing Corporation, largest manufactures of the commercial aircraft writes:

“As the world commercial fleet expands to more than 39,500 airplanes over the next 20 years, the world’s airlines will need to add 460,000 pilots and 650,000 maintenance technicians, both to fly and maintain the new airplanes and to replace current personnel who are due to retire during the period”

“The signs of a global pilot shortage are mounting as airlines expand their fleets and flight schedules to meet surging demand in emerging markets. Asian airlines in particular are experiencing delays and operational interruptions due to pilot scheduling constraints. The forecast doubling of the worldwide commercial fleet emphasizes the increasing need for well-trained aviation personnel”

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