Fleet of Aircraft

Aero Academy International; operates fleet of Cessna, Piper and Beechcraft aircrafts, which have been providing our aviation industry with most safe, efficient and reliable service and performance since 1975 and until now with the most advanced

  • Cessna C152/C150
  • C172SP, C172RG,
  • C310Q,
  • PA-23
  • PA34-200

All pilot training is conducted on the Cessna C172SP & Cessna C172R equipped with Glass Cockpit G1000 GPS System with Autopilot and model’s that are equipped with Moving Map GPS, Duel Navigation System, Duel Controls and more.

Although our students have the choice of selecting the aircraft for their training like the Cessna C152 or C150 to take the advantage of lower cost per hour on these aircrafts, the choice of more advanced aircraft are available for all our students to gain the experience and knowledge of flying various different type and models of aircraft at Aero Academy Int’l Flight Academy.

Aero Academy Int’l – With highest level of aircraft safety and maintenance!