Executive Team

Aero Academy International is able to execute on its strong business model because of its management and team that can deliver most effective flight and ground training program for our student pilots and on time performance and excellent customer service to our Executive Clients.


IATA Certified Aviation Auditor / PRM / CFI / Air Pilot / Ministers Delegate

Ms. Ritu Chaturvedi (President, Instructor, Administrator, Audit Manager) – With 5 years of flying experience since age 17and holding the Canadian Pilots License, IATA Trained and Certified as Aviation Audit Manager, Experience as Parts Room Manager and Flight Instructor. Her presence has provided an edge to our corporation through her excellent customer service and professional liaison with government officialsand airport authority. She holds a diploma in Information Technology and Office Management, with honors.

Ms. Theresa Hall (General Manager, International Marketing) – With extensive experience in student counseling, student recruiting and marketing in the field of International Education placement and enrollments, she has what it takes to ensure a great success to our corporation and ongoing support with development and study progress. She has worked for various high level institutes while also running family owned business herself. Aero Academy International, students always have someone to speak too and take advice from.

Capt. Donald Doyle; our most qualified flight instructor with more then 18,000 flight hours and experience that would exceed most of the CFI combined of many flight school in Canada and USA. Mr. Doyle, has been training student pilots for more then 40 years and is qualified aerobatic pilot. Mr. Doyle, has provide the special touch our flight school to ensure a very high quality of flight training and education is provided to our students.